Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Sims 4 Game Over💀💜 | Can We Complete Everything Before The Grim Reaper Takes Her?

♡Hey Fantacorns! Welcome to a brand new challenge series on my channel, The Sims 4 Game Over Challenge. I have no idea if something like this has ever been done, these are just the kind of ideas that come to my mind while I can't sleep just laying in the dark thinking LOL anyways I hope you guys like this different take on my usual gameplay. Read below for the rules and feel free to try this yourself!

♡Game Over Challenge Rules♡
The goal here is to complete all of these rules with one single sim before they die and your game ends. 
1. Create one single sim with any traits and aspirations you'd like (but choose them wisely)
2. Move your sim into a starter house with the starter money they are given.
3. Set your sims money to 500 simoleons.
 4. Set your game lifespan to short.
5. If you have Cottage Living give your lot the Simple Living challenge, skip this step if you don't own the pack.
6. Get your sim any full time job of your choice and reach the top of their career.
7. Complete the aspiration you have chosen.
8. Max out at least one skill, the more the better.
9. Have your sim make at least 3 friends.
10. No money cheats, skill cheats or cheating needs. 
11. If you complete all of these things before your sim dies then you've completed the challenge successfully!


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