Wednesday, July 28, 2021

 Children's Farm Birthday Party🥺😭 (FINALE) | Modded #60 - The Sims 4

Welcome to the FINALE for The Sims 4 Modded, oh my gosh I'm crying. This has been an AMAZING first season filled with so many memories, character growth, drama, family and love! In this finale episode Atticus has his birthday party at a childrens farm, he gets to milk a cow for the first time and my heart melted! Later on Acadia gives birth to her baby boy, I'm so excited for her. Modded Family will be started as soon as possible to keep an eye out! We'll be starting season 2 off with Christmas morning and I might even age up Acadia's baby because I can't wait to see her life with a toddler! Thank you to everyone who stuck around for this entire first season and I hope to see you in the comments for season 2! I love you guys so much♥


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