Saturday, December 11, 2021


Toddler Simlish Graphic Tee

Hi everyone! ♡

This is my very first early access piece of custom content, all Patrons will be able to download this right away no matter what Tier you are, as this is only my second Patreon post! My next custom content creation will release for early access based on what Tier you've selected UNLESS it's Christmas themed custom content, anything holiday related from now until Christmas Day will be released for early access at the same time for ALL Patrons. ♡

I decided to create this Simlish Graphic Tee for toddlers, it may seem simple but this took me hours and I'm so excited to share it with you!

If you can't read Simlish here's what each shirt says in order based on swatches in game -

1. Sassy - blue top with sunglasses
2. I'm cute - mint top with smiley face
3. Cookie monster - black top with cookies & milk
4. Cool kid - navy blue top with peace sign
5. Cheese - light purple top with camera
6. Moo - yellow top with cow
7. Oink - pink top with pig
8. Roof roof - red top with puppy
9. Meow - dark purple top with kitten
10. Ribbit - green top with frog

♡ 10 Swatches
♡ Custom Thumbnails
♡ Early Access NOW (Dec 11) for all Patrons
♡ Public Access : December 15th CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  

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