Thursday, August 12, 2021

 He Surprised Her With YouTube Equipment😭💗 | Runaway Teen Pregnancy【VTUBER】Sims 4 Story Series

In this episode of The Sims 4 Runaway Teen Pregnancy Ryland surprised Emmalynn with YouTube equipment, she can finally start her SimsTube channel, she's so happy right now. Ryland can't wait to start editing her videos and get some more income. Later they head to Rylands parents new farm for some much needed time with them. It was really nice, Emery was in heaven with the farm animals. It seems like this is what Rylands parents needed, they look so happy. In the next episode they'll be heading over to Emmalynn's parents for thanksgiving, will drama begin if they find out Ryland hasn't been at school? The principle has been calling and at this point Emmalynn's parents probably know what's up.

 What's this Sims 4 series about? This series is based on teen pregnancy, running away from home lots of drama and love. Emmalynn and Ryland are the main characters in this story, they're teen parents to their beautiful daughter Emery. When Emmalynn found out she was pregnant they both ran away together and their parents weren't very happy when they found out. They were terrified and had no idea what to do. After their daughter was born they knew they couldn't just be living in a tent in the middle of no where. Emmalynn's parents offered to buy them a trailer home as long as they paid all their bills, went to school and kept their grades up. They agreed even though they knew it would be very hard and stressful. Now Emery is a toddler and everyday is a new struggle but they love her to death.


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